FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK. 67 are ready to travel ahead towards a bright future

24th November 2016
Etafeni’s colour is green …….. but on the 24th November our colours were green and black……………….
THE colors for the graduating group of FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK students.

ETAFENI’S FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK teaches job-readiness and life-skills to 220 unemployed youth per year. It is geared towards youth aged 18 to 30, who have matriculated. A life-coping and work skills course involves six weeks of personal development including self-awareness, setting personal goals, and how to resist pressures that will handicap the achievement of their goals. A second component of the course covers areas of human sexuality, depression, conflict and substance abuse. A final component teaches students how to develop their own work ethic and integrity, how to draft a CV, prepare for interviews and offers career guidance. Graduates are given formal work placements and internships and have access to mentorship for a year after the placement. The programme boasts an 80% placement rate into entry-level jobs, internships, apprenticeships, tertiary institutions or establish their own businesses.

67 student graduates were awarded certificates of completion, witnessed and cheered on by fellow graduates, parents, friends and members of the Nyanga community. Amongst the guests were representatives from the Police Force, Constable Jacobs from Youth Desk, Mr Arthur Ketile from False Bay College, Ms. Nosisa Nompozolo From Cape Town College and Mr & Mrs August from the Strand Nursing College. The graduation was MCd by Shaun Williams, manager of the FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK JUNIOR PROGRAMME and Nokuzolo Qamngwana, administrator for the FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK PROGRAMME.

Graduates committed to building on this success for their own professional and personal progress, for that of their family and the community.

The FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK team under the management of Brenda Nkondlwana includes Nokuzola Qamngwana, Sonwabile Dwangu, Odwa Masiba and outreach facilitators SImphewe Peter and Solomon Shikwambane.

Etafeni’s Women’s Wellness programme with their young children

Sonalle is a young woman who won an award for her beautiful and socially-conscious photography.  She offered to make studies of the mothers in Etafeni’s Women’s Wellness programme with their young children that illustrated the attachment between them.  The pride and delight of the mothers is evident as is the way that the children thrive in this field of maternal enjoyment, despite the women’s illness.

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On the 29th September  2015, first ‘nuisance plot’ conversion – into a well-equipped park for children under 12 was formally opened and blessed.  It is the fruit of a partnership between City Park’s Community Garden project and Etafeni’s Greening Nyanga programme. There was lots of singing, dancing, holy water and incense – great celebration’.


Ilizwe Lam (My Voice)

During 2014, Nika Soon-Shiong from Stanford University spent 3 months volunteering at Etafeni Fit for Life, Fit for Work programme (FLFW).  On her return to Stanford, she raised funds for a photographic project for youth attending this Programme.  Nika provided cameras and tutored the students on photography.  The Project Ilizwe Lam (My Voice) culminated in a public exhibition at the Cape Town Central Library on the 16th August 2014. The exhibition featured the photographs of the students who spent up to four weeks capturing aspects of their community.   Photographs were themed to represent barriers to employment or sources of inspiration.

FLFW is one of 14 programmes offered at Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust in Nyanga.  A life- and work-skills programme for matriculated, unemployed youth between the ages of 18 – 25, the Programme impacts on approximately 250 young people per year, 60% of whom are women and provides entry-level work opportunities, learnership and internship opportunities and has a high placement rate.