Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust Covid-19 Response Fund

Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust Covid-19 Response Fund

Etafeni continues to serve as the beacon of hope for our impoverished communities by assisting with the necessary services such as counselling support, food parcels, dignity packs, hygiene kits and health related services such distribution of chronic medication, screening for COVID19, and home-based care. As most of our beneficiaries have been impacted negatively by COVID-19 as they lost their income because they are seasonal workers such as farm workers, restaurant waiters, and retail cashiers etc. Etafeni has been assisting with providing Food parcels donated by generous supporters and friends of Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust.

The community we serves has high numbers of unemployment and hunger levels, as they struggle with poverty, crime and securing employment. Most of our beneficiaries relied on the meal offered at Etafeni as they participated in the activities, and now with our activities paused as a result of COVID-19, we as Etafeni are concerned about the children in our ECD and OVC/Afterschool programmes; as well as the young people and women attending our skills training programmes.

Although some of our staff members are operating remotely, our Community Health Workers are continuing to provide home based care support and services to the vulnerable group in our communities, by delivering chronic medication to them door to door, which helps reduce overcrowding and exposure in the local clinics. They are also serving as Frontline on the fight against COVID-19 by provide screening services, referring people to testing sites for COVID-19 and helping in tracing contracts of people that tested positive.

Our Social Workers are also offering Psycho-social support telephonically to children survivors of rape and sexual abuse; and their families. We are also reaching out to the children participating in the ECD, OVC, and afterschool telephonically to continue offering support services.

Etafeni Day Care Centre has been overwhelmed with requests for food parcels. COVID-19 and the impact of lockdown, has had a demoralising outcome on already vulnerable families and children. Incomes have been lost, especially in the informal economy, and interruptions in social grant pay-outs in May further burdened poorer households. Cases of child abuse and domestic abuse have escalated since the announcement of the lockdown. The organisation is also struggling to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our Community Health Workers as retailers have increased their prices and/or have ran out of PPE.

Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust has more than 500 direct beneficiaries that depended on them daily for a meal and the number seems to increase daily as community members look to the Centre for help during this crisis. As an organisation, we would like to help our beneficiaries and community, and to be able to do that we need your help. We call on you the friends of Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust to continue to help us in our efforts to do more. Individuals, businesses, trusts, corporates, investors, we need you. Financial and in-kind product donations are all welcome.

To help a child or family in need, kindly donate to the Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust COVID-19 Response Fund. See below the Bank Accounts for Donation

Name of Bank: Standard Bank

Name of Account Holder: Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust

Account Number: 072963018

Branch Name: Rondebosch

Branch Code: 025009


The Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust, found in the heart of Nyanga, a poverty node 30 minutes outside Cape Town, is a Community Based Organisation providing health, education, pathways-to-employment support and skills servicesto vulnerable benefi ciaries in Nyanga. Etafeni seek to employ the following full-time position:


To assist the Business Development Manager raising funds for the organisation, thought developing relationships with corporations who can offer income and other support through sales, donations (in-kind and cash), work placement opportunities and corporate volunteer opportunities.


  • Research of new local and international corporate funding and partnership opportunities for all Etafeni projects/programmes
  • Liaise with Programme Managers and collate all relevant information, especially Income Generation (sales and marketing) and Fit for Life/work (work placements)
  • Regularly attend meetings with businesses to promote Etafeni
  • Complete application forms with relevant supporting documents
  • Identify needs of programmes and gaps / opportunities in organisational budgets and work plans
  • Keep record of all research, contact person and copies of submission
  • Network with potential partners and develop portfolio of products / opportunities / wishlist for support
  • Keep a funder report schedule and submit reports as per funder criteria
  • Regularly update donor / partner database and supply reports to manager
  • Attend relevant workshops in line with fundraising needs of Etafeni
  • Represent Etafeni on relevant forums when needed
  • Assist in social media and events when and where required


  • The right attitude (willingness and comradeship) in regard to being part of a large organisation.
  • Supportive in achieving the organisation’s strategic plan.
  • Work with all staff and identify opportunities for development at Etafeni
  • Well written and timeous reports
  • Excellent communication skills to build and maintain relationships with businesses
  • Good research skills to identify new prospective funders
  • Success in acquiring funds / sales / support for programmes.
  • Can manage interpersonal relationships effectively


  • Minimum three years fundraising / sales / marketing experience, ideally in the NGO sector
  • Proven experience in developing fundraising strategies and bids
  • Proven skills in meeting annual sales or fundraising targets
  • Firm grasp of SA development sector issues
  • Ability to work independently, often remotely and in a diverse group and changing environment
  • Financial skills
  • Relevant degree is advantageous
  • Demonstrated interest and knowledge of international development/global health issues
  • Must have a valid SA driver’s license
  • Communications skills in at least 2 SA languages i.e isiXhosa and English


1st September 2017

  • We offer a market related salary dependent on experience and qualifications
  • Starting Date : Preferable – 1 SEPTEMBER 2017.

Only experienced people with the appropriate skills level should apply.

Send your CV and at least 3 contactable references to:

The Director:

or  or

By no later than 31 July 2017


Only successful candidates will be contacted.

FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK. 67 are ready to travel ahead towards a bright future

24th November 2016
Etafeni’s colour is green …….. but on the 24th November our colours were green and black……………….
THE colors for the graduating group of FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK students.

ETAFENI’S FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK teaches job-readiness and life-skills to 220 unemployed youth per year. It is geared towards youth aged 18 to 30, who have matriculated. A life-coping and work skills course involves six weeks of personal development including self-awareness, setting personal goals, and how to resist pressures that will handicap the achievement of their goals. A second component of the course covers areas of human sexuality, depression, conflict and substance abuse. A final component teaches students how to develop their own work ethic and integrity, how to draft a CV, prepare for interviews and offers career guidance. Graduates are given formal work placements and internships and have access to mentorship for a year after the placement. The programme boasts an 80% placement rate into entry-level jobs, internships, apprenticeships, tertiary institutions or establish their own businesses.

67 student graduates were awarded certificates of completion, witnessed and cheered on by fellow graduates, parents, friends and members of the Nyanga community. Amongst the guests were representatives from the Police Force, Constable Jacobs from Youth Desk, Mr Arthur Ketile from False Bay College, Ms. Nosisa Nompozolo From Cape Town College and Mr & Mrs August from the Strand Nursing College. The graduation was MCd by Shaun Williams, manager of the FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK JUNIOR PROGRAMME and Nokuzolo Qamngwana, administrator for the FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK PROGRAMME.

Graduates committed to building on this success for their own professional and personal progress, for that of their family and the community.

The FIT FOR LIFE, FIT FOR WORK team under the management of Brenda Nkondlwana includes Nokuzola Qamngwana, Sonwabile Dwangu, Odwa Masiba and outreach facilitators SImphewe Peter and Solomon Shikwambane.

Etafeni’s Women’s Wellness programme with their young children

Sonalle is a young woman who won an award for her beautiful and socially-conscious photography.  She offered to make studies of the mothers in Etafeni’s Women’s Wellness programme with their young children that illustrated the attachment between them.  The pride and delight of the mothers is evident as is the way that the children thrive in this field of maternal enjoyment, despite the women’s illness.

View Gallery below:



On the 29th September  2015, first ‘nuisance plot’ conversion – into a well-equipped park for children under 12 was formally opened and blessed.  It is the fruit of a partnership between City Park’s Community Garden project and Etafeni’s Greening Nyanga programme. There was lots of singing, dancing, holy water and incense – great celebration’.