Project: Families Matter!
Area: Families Matter
Coordinator: Zamikhaya Ndiki

Description: Children are exposed to all sorts of messages about sex through songs, television, and other media, but caregivers play a main role in their sexual education as well. Families Matter! helps caregivers unleash their power through positive parenting skills.

Families Matter! is an HIV-prevention programme for parents, guardians, and primary caregivers of children between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. By meeting once per week for five weeks, caregivers learn how to communicate with their pre-adolescents about sex in a healthy manner.

Programme goals include:

  • Making parents aware of the sexual health risks that pre-adolescent children face, and how early in life they face these risks
  • Making parents aware that children want to hear about sex and sexual behavior from them. Their message is important.
  • Promoting positive parenting practices that have been shown to help protect children’s health
  • Providing parents with knowledge and skills to communicate about sex topics before their children have sex
  • Providing tips on how to overcome barriers, such as fear and discomfort, when communicating about sex

These sessions are conducted in groups, so that caregivers can learn from each other and develop a support system. Research has shown the benefits of caregiver-child communication when it comes to the child’s sexual wellbeing, so join us! Let’s work together to build a healthier generation.

For more information, contact our Programme Coordinator, Zamikhaya Ndiki.
Tel: 021 386 1516 (office hours)

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Account holder: Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust
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