Project: Junior Fit for Life, Fit for Work programme
Area: Youth Development
Coordinator: Shaun Williams

From the inception of the Fit for Life, Fit for Work programme at Etafeni, there were many requests for the programme to be rolled out for young people in their final years at school. The life skills and process of career-discernment were particularly attractive for senior scholars, as was the work done around developing a work ethic. As soon as generous funding arrived, Etafeni deployed Shaun Williams as a facilitator and trainer in two of Nyanga’s high schools.

The young people of New Eisleben and Dr Nelson Mandela High Schools are now in their second year of the Junior Fit for Life programme and they have responded with great enthusiasm. Recently, after passionate discussion during the course, the young people organised an awareness campaign, taking to the streets to make Nyanga residents aware of the prevalence of and disadvantages attached to teenage pregnancy.