Project: Replication of the Etafeni model, Vrygrond Community Centre
in the Western Cape and Valoyi Community Centre in Limpopo
Coordinator: Stephanie Kilroe

Description: In 2007, the Vrygrond Community Development Trust asked Etafeni to replicate its model of a community-built, community-staffed centre serving the community in Vrygrond.  When key funders agreed, work began.  The construction of the centre was generously funded by Annie Lennox, working with the Elton John AIDS Foundation.  The Vrygrond Community Centre moved to independence in 2010.

In 2008 Hosi Nwamitwa II visited the Etafeni Centre in Nyanga and asked the Etafeni Trust to replicate its model in Nwamitwa, 32 villages in a remote rural part of Limpopo. Etafeni’s funders were excited at the prospect of testing the Etafeni model in a rural area and provided start-up funding. Young graduates of the Fit for Life, Fit for Work programme in a construction learnership built the Valoyi Centre and other young Fit for Life, Fit for Work graduates in an agricultural skills learnership developed a 5 hectare farm at Mswazi Dam, a 2 hectare food garden at the Centre – and 40 household food gardens for vulnerable households in the villages. The Elton John AIDS Foundation and the Ford Foundation were key to getting the Valoyi Centre built and its programmes running.

Like Etafeni, a preschool, afterschool care programme and holistic care for HIV+ mothers and grannies flourish side by side with the Fit for Life programme. Much emphasis is place on nutrition, healthy meals, skills training and home food gardens – and a team of 22 Valoyi Trust home-based carers take support and care to vulnerable households in villages far from the centre. The Valoyi Community Centre moved to independence in 2013

We hope that the Nwamitwa model, which creatively addresses the challenges of the rural areas, will be of use to other rural communities.

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