Ways you can donate & make a difference

There are various ways you can make a difference. See below all our donation requirements and how you can be instrumental in the success of these projects and programmes. 

Donate towards our School Uniform Fund

Etafeni support over 140 children through our early childhood and after-school support activities. The children that come to our Preschool & Crèche and Afterschool programmes come from families engulfed by poverty and unemployment, mainly dependent on social grants or seasonal work.

These families only have money to buy only the basics for the families such as food and electricity. Etafeni has also stepped in to assist these families by providing school uniforms to the children in our Preschool & Crèche and Afterschool. Partner with us and make sure that each child feels comfortable and is ready for school in 2023. Donate R290 per child per school uniform pack or Donate a large sum of R50000 to ensure that all the children get a school uniform; socks, and shoes.


  • Pants/skirt
  • Shirt X2
  • Shoes
  • Socks
Uniform pack per child

Donate towards our Food and Nutrition Security Activities

The lack of food security is one of the most urgent crises facing our country today. Every day over 20 million South African men, women and children go to bed hungry. We live in a country that produces an abundance of fresh, nourishing food that could feed all our citizens, but one of the central problems is that 10 million tons of food go to waste every year.

As part of our efforts as Etafeni to systemic causes of hunger while simultaneously tackling the immediate food security crisis through rescuing nutritious food and delivering it where it’s needed most. R45 rands a day can make a difference in the lives of the children and women we support at Etafeni. Partner with us and donate to feed a Child and Family that is in need.


  • Drop Off Non-perishable goods and Essentials
  • Donate Financial Assistance
  • Donate a Food Parcel to feed a Family at a cost of R390.00

Sewing Skills Training and Income Generation Activities

During the training, the mothers will receive Breakfast and lunch as many of them come from underprivileged circumstances. At the end of the training, the mothers will create a profile of the end product so that they can market them and resell them for their income generation.

The mothers will also receive 3 weeks of basic computer literacy, business and financial literacy so that they are equipped with the know-how of setting up their small businesses when they exit the training.


  • Pattern designing
  • Pattern making
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Using a sewing machine
Support and Sponsor 1 mother to receive basic Sewing training for 6 months for a once-off amount of R3900. The training will include:

Sponsor a Youth in our Fit for Life, Fit for Work Programme

It only costs a once-off amount of R3360 for 3 months to provide a youth living in poverty in the Western Cape with the opportunity to learn life skills, basic computer and financial literacy skills,  have a meal daily, and be exposed to exciting opportunities for their future through our Fit for Life, Fit for Work programme. Fit for Life, Fit for Work is a dynamic and highly successful Skills Development and Job-Readiness Programme that caters for unemployed school leavers. Here we offer a range of training on life skills, basic computer literacy, and work-readiness skills. Approximately 60% of the participants are girls and we have an 80% placement success rate.  


    It only costs a once-off amount of R3360 for 3 months

    Etafeni Sustainability Fund- Donate to keep Etafeni serving the women and children for generations to come

    Your support of the Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust Sustainability Fund will help us meet the increased need for financial assistance, support essential operations, and fulfil our important role in building the community and supporting women and children. The strength and resiliency of the Nyanga community have never been greater and we thank you for your ongoing support that allows us to move from Strength to Strength and helps to ensure the Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust continues to be the Heart of Nyanga.


    Please note: Gifts of R1500+ will be recognized in the Etafeni Day Care Cente Trust Annual Report.

    None of this would be possible without the support of thousands of caring South Africans – ordinary members of the public as well as influential businessmen and women – who provide the funds to sustain our organisation.

    We can’t help everyone,
    but everyone can help someone