2022-23 Annual Report

- Beneficiaries reached for the year 71 242,
- Meals served yearly 49 250
- Food parcels distributed to individuals yearly 888.
- School children benefited from receiving 40 items of school uniforms items.
- 67 people received hygiene packs and 1150
received sanitary towels onsite and at other schools in the community.
- Community health workers' household
follow-up visits 54 343.
- Health screenings 75 948.
- Vitamin A and deworming were given to children the age of 12 to 59 months in crèches and around Nyanga including
Etafeni ECD. 218 reached.
- 3.10 PEPFAR support groups and health outreach reached 3382.



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Welcome to the Etafeni Day Care Centre in Nyanga

Etafeni is a multi-purpose centre for children affected by AIDS and their caregivers in Nyanga, Cape Town, South Africa.

How you can help

The Etafeni Centre is situated in Nyanga, one of the oldest black townships in Cape Town.

As an impoverished community, the people of Nyanga face severe unemployment and alarming rates of HIV/AIDS. Once known as having the highest crime rate in Cape Town, Nyanga is slowly improving through the efforts of community members who are working hard to alleviate poverty and create job opportunities.

Etafeni relies on your donations to continue making progress. Your donation will be used to fund one of our 12 different programmes and will help improve the lives of struggling members of our community.

What we do

The Trust, in partnership with the local community, has built a multi-purpose Day Care Centre in Nyanga which takes into account the needs of vulnerable children, the needs of those who care for them, and the needs of the community who will, of necessity, be their safety net. With over 12 different programmes, the Etafeni Centre is always busy and provides a beautiful space and shelter for members of the community.

Our Vision

To create a flourishing community in Nyanga by working together with stakeholders and community members through our relevant programmes, to promote wellbeing, break the cycle of poverty and create positive change in Nyanga.

We can’t help everyone,
but everyone can help someone